Some call it spectacular, we call it home.


Whats new
We are excited to be part of the antelope restoration program here in the Trans-Pecos region of Texas. Declining numbers over the last several years has prompted the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department to transplant does and bucks from the Panhandle of Texas to this region. We hope this is a huge success. With deer season over we have seen some outstanding younger bucks with tremendous potential that are breeding does. This can only make your mule deer hunts more successful in the future. We want to say congradulations to Donnie Starks for his 206 buck on the last day of season. We look forward to seeing him again next year.

New Happenings
We are in the process of working with the NRCS to extend a water pipeline on the north side of the interstate to accomodate not only the cattle but also the wildlife. We are also adding two guzzlers near the top of the mountain for the wildlife. This should give them year around water in areas that are now wet weather tanks. As we do more we will keep you posted.

Committed to your success
We are committed to the success of your hunt, so even in the off season we are monitoring our wildlife and their wellbeing. We are extremely dry and forage is minimal at best. Conditions currently are extremely dry. The protein feed is helping bring the bucks back to good body condition and keeping the does stronger for their upcoming fawning season. All of this is under low fence. Our success depends on your success and more importantly are the friendships we have formed with our clients through these hunting seasons.

If you are interested in shooting a camera instead of a weapon then we can accomidate your passion. Please contact us for more information. You will be pampered just like any other guest and our diverse geography will offer many oportunities.


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